Is Swindon a good place to invest in property? imageIs Swindon a good place to invest in property? imageIs Swindon a good place to invest in property? image

Swindon is an excellent place to invest in property. It is on the prosperous M4 corridor half way between Cardiff and London. It is 80 miles from both these capital cities. It has always been a hub of industry with very low unemployment rates since Isambard Kingdom Brunel decided to locate his Great Western Railway Headquaters and railway building workshops in the town during the industrial revolution.
But nowadays the industry has changed and Swindon is now known for being the home of many of the high tech information companies. For example Amazon has recently opened a huge sorting and distribution centre in the town. Zurich have recently opened a new 6 storey 'green' office block for an additional 1000 staff as their UK headquaters. And Nationwide Building Society house their UK headquarters here too. Other tech companies that have chosen Swindon as a base are: Siemens, Tata, Dyson, Intel and many others. For instance The National Trust's national headquaters are located here.
Coupled with this abundance of employment opportunities is Swindon's other great asset which is ease of movement and communication. With easy access to the M4 and M5 motorways and easy rail links to all the major cities of the country (e.g. London 50 minutes, Bristol 35 minutes).
These factors have meant that Swindon attracts large rates of immigration and all these people need to be housed. So there is a high demand for any sort of property. Flats, serviced accommodation and rooms in HMOs are in particularly high demand. Property and accommodation costs are cheaper than its neighbouring cities (Reading, Oxford, Bristol, Cheltenham, Bath) and the surrounding areas of Wiltshire. This is another factor that adds to the high demand for all sorts of accommodation and means that it is easier for a landlord/owner to achieve high rental yields and high rates of capital growth. So once again, Swindon is an excellent place to choose to invest in property.