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Hello, I'm Justin.

I have been involved in property investment for over 20 years and have built up my own portfolio of buy to let properties during that time.

Much of this has been obtained within Wiltshire, primarily the Swindon area where I have acquired a great understanding and awareness of the industry whilst creating strong working relations with property agencies.

I am now in a position whereby I am able to offer the experience I have gained, from over two decades in property investment, to potential investors. From initial consultation right through to the sourcing and maintenance/management of the property.

Looking past the sourcing of the right type of property, I am able to advise clients as to the best ways to go about aquiring their next properties and going on to building their own property portfolios.

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Professional, In-depth consultation to understand your needs and requirements. You can contact me by phone, email or social media. We can then discuss your needs and requirements. I will be able to use my knowledge and experience to ensure that you, as an investor, get the deal or package that you are looking for.


We source the properties directly on your behalf, keeping you informed every step of the way. I have lived and worked in Swindon/Wiltshire for over 20 years developing properties. I am able to offer the experience that I have gained to source properties for investors. The properties are below market value, in areas that are in high demand and offer good yields for the investor. I can also put you in touch with solicitors and mortgage advisors that I regularly work with should you require them.


I have access to reliable architects, building inspectors and tradespersons who I have worked with in the past. They can undertake jobs that range from structural building work like full extensions and loft conversions, or the more basic property refurbishments and maintenance tasks. I can also source excellent letting agents and letting managers who are local to the area.


This is a separate service that I provide for people wanting investment and/or residential properties to live in. But don't require me to manage the finding, negotiation and purchase of the property. I will go and view properties, that clients have found and produce a report. The report will contain the due diligence information required by buyers and investors. I will assess the local demographics, structure, potential for development of the building, current renting values and anything else that the client may require.

Is Swindon a good place to invest in property? imageIs Swindon a good place to invest in property? imageIs Swindon a good place to invest in property? image

Swindon is an excellent place to invest in property. It is on the prosperous M4 corridor half way between Cardiff and London. It is 80 miles from both these capital cities. It has always been a hub of industry with very low unemployment rates since Isambard Kingdom Brunel decided to locate his Great Western Railway Headquaters and railway building workshops in the town during the industrial revolution.
But nowadays the industry has changed and Swindon is now known for being the home of many of the high tech information companies. For example Amazon has recently opened a huge sorting and distribution centre in the town. Zurich have recently opened a new 6 storey 'green' office block for an additional 1000 staff as their UK headquaters. And Nationwide Building Society house their UK headquarters here too. Other tech companies that have chosen Swindon as a base are: Siemens, Tata, Dyson, Intel and many others. For instance The National Trust's national headquaters are located here.
Coupled with this abundance of employment opportunities is Swindon's other great asset which is ease of movement and communication. With easy access to the M4 and M5 motorways and easy rail links to all the major cities of the country (e.g. London 50 minutes, Bristol 35 minutes).
These factors have meant that Swindon attracts large rates of immigration and all these people need to be housed. So there is a high demand for any sort of property. Flats, serviced accommodation and rooms in HMOs are in particularly high demand. Property and accommodation costs are cheaper than its neighbouring cities (Reading, Oxford, Bristol, Cheltenham, Bath) and the surrounding areas of Wiltshire. This is another factor that adds to the high demand for all sorts of accommodation and means that it is easier for a landlord/owner to achieve high rental yields and high rates of capital growth. So once again, Swindon is an excellent place to choose to invest in property.

How Rent to buy works image

If you have not got enough money saved for a deposit on a house. Or for some reason you cannot get a mortgage at the moment. Using a rent to buy opportunity could be for you.

The way it works is the tenant buyer agrees a price with the landlord to buy the property for. In this example we will say that price is £220,000 for a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house. Instead of having to find £22,000, which would be the normal 10% deposit required for a mortgage, the tenant buyer only needs to find 3% which is roughly £7,000.

The tenant buyer then takes on the full responsibility of the house. Which is good because they can decorate and update it as much as they like. They continue to pay the landlord the market rate of rent for an agreed term of normally 5 ,7 or 10 years. They pay the landlord an additional monthly 'top up' fee. This 'top up' pays the remaining £15,000 that the tenant buyer needs as a deposit for their mortgage. For a 5 year term that would be £250 per month. For 7 years that would be £178 per month. For 10 years that would be £125 per month.

When the 'term' of the contract has finished the tenant buyer gets a mortgage and becomes the owner of the property. They also will benefit from the increase in what the property is worth. In 5 years time that property will be worth at least £250,000 and in 10 years it will be worth at least £300,000. But they will only pay the price that was agreed at the beginning of the plan, which in this example was £220,000.

So it is a very effective way for someone to get out of the renting trap and become a home owner. 

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